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LADIES: Watch out for these 7 kinds of men, if you are currently with the 7th type, RUN!

Usually I don't do this, but I just feel the need to. Highlighted in this article are some categories of men that actually do young ladies more harm than good.

I do hope you'll find this pretty educative.

1. The man who is always quick to check your phone when it rings

Many ladies can relate to this.

It all boils down to trust, once you drop your mobile phone when he is around and get engaged with something else, if he is the 'insecure type', be sure he has satisfied his curiosity.

Without trust, that relationship is doomed to fail. Don't waste your time.

2. The man with no vision or goals

Someone once said; "The poorest man is not the man without money, it is the man without a VISION". If he doesn't have a plan or goal, just how terrible/uncertain can the future be?

Think twice!

3. The complacent man

This one is pretty vital, Complacency simply means 'being too comfortable in one position'.

That being said, if he ain't ready to move_be sure he is going to drag you back if you try to!

"Stagnant people people don't SMELL, they STINK!"

Be wise!!

4. The lazy man

If he is not making an effort for a job at least, then that's a RED FLAG! He's definitely gonna be worse after marriage.

5. The Mr. Complainer

He complains just about anything and everything, that's a very bad sign. No one is perfect, he has got to reckon.

If he frequently picks out your fault, while claiming 'saint', it will only result to consistent quarell and disagreements. Your choice.

6. The Career man

If he's too busy with his career or loves his profession more than you, that's a massive problem..things won't change after your wedding.

You should come first, if he genuinely sees his future In you.

7. The Unsupportive man

If every suggestion or idea you have is meaningless to him, sharpaly pack your emotions and leave.

Your man should be your BIGGEST supporter/fan. If he is the type that discourages you or tends to put you down, girl you ain't gonna move forward. You end up abandoning your dreams before you even realize it!

A good man should be supportive of his lady in everything. His encouragement means a BIG deal to her.

Make smart choices ladies!!!

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