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Reasons why ladies Love Rich Guys

Many have wondered why ladies do all they can to win the heart of a rich guy. As a matter of fact, rich guys are an endangered species in the sight of ladies. Don’t wonder why this is so because it is not their faults, it is in their DNA. And it is a good thing. Hence you see sweet names usually attached to them. See some reasons why they are how they are.

Women Love Money

Money is like an aphrodisiac to ladies. It does not matter how you look, all you need to have the most beautiful lady 'cozying' by your size is money. A lady who money does not move, more money will move her; although many will want to dispute this but it is a fact.

Another thing most guys will dispute is the fact that “ladies know how to spend money than guys” take it or leave it. They believe that with money they can travel at will, live in the best mansions, cruise in the best cars, and enjoy the finest dishes both African and international and just live the best life. With plenty money you can buy the best human hair available, have long train of maids to do literally everything, aides who do all the intellectual jobs that needs to be done just to mention a few. Women are never tired of spending money.

They are believed to be the light of families

In some cultures, especially in Nigeria, first daughters are married off to rich men as second, third or fourth wives just so that they can be lifted out of poverty. They are considered the light of the family sent to deliver them from penury and lack. In other to live up to the expectations of the family, they set out to hunt rich guys who can play this role seamlessly to their families. Don’t blame them. It is better to be a fourth wife to a rich man than be a first wife to a poor man.

Comfort and Style

Any guy, who can provide both for a woman, is that woman’s darling for life (as long as the money remains o). They love the glamour and the pageantry that comes with the availability of money. The praises, the impression of they leave when they enter a place where ladies are gather is joy to their soul. The comfort of driving in an air conditioned factory fitted ride around town just for the fun of it is second to none.


Women are classy beings. They love classy things which can only be achieved through money. There are ladies who do not put on the same clothes or shoes twice. A guy may have multiple foot wears but you will still see him wearing the same foot wear as multiple times because for some reasons he likes it.

Stepping out in class is a ladies watchword. Drip before food is the anthem. Glowing skin, nice perfume, sophisticated car, fat bank account etc. Women are lit. They have my respect.

Women loves Power

Money and power are synonymous. Hence they can’t do without money as they are ardent believers that ‘money stops nonsense’.

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