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3 Reasons Why It Is Wrong To Date Married Women

Dating a married a woman is something you should avoid completely no matter how exciting and thrilling it could be. There's no problem falling in love with a woman, but you shouldn't falling in love with someone who is already married. At least, you should consider the moral implications it might have on you and the toll it might take on you. 

As a man, before stepping into the world of infidelity, there are some things you should put into consideration. Dating a woman that is already married is a no go area and there's no benefits attached to it. Apart from the effect it has on you, how did you think her husband will react or feel if you happen to get caught. 

In this article, I will be showing you 3 reasons why it is wrong to date married women. 

1. You can never get the satisfaction you want.

Once you are dating a married woman, it would be hard for you to get the satisfaction you want. This is because you can never have all her attention and time as she would give them to her husband. Don't be deceived, a married woman would never leave her husband for you no matter what and she would only give you her time and attention only when she needs you. For this reason, you should avoid dating a woman that is already married.

2. You can never have the freedom you want.

Since you both know that what you are doing is wrong, all what you will do is avoid getting caught. And at this stage, your freedom is at stake as you can't be seen together or do things other people are doing in a relationship. The time you will spend together is limited and you will only see based on schedule. 

As a man, if you don't want this kind of relationship, dating a married woman shouldn't be in your plan at all. If at all you got caught, your reputation will be at stake and you will be embarrassed.

3. It is a sin.

Biblically, sleeping with a woman that is not your wife is a sin in the eye of God and there's a reward for any man that commit this act. As a man, you should know that what goes around, comes around and whatever you sow, you will reap it. 

If at all you are committing this act, I hope with these reasons I have stated here in this article, you should be able to have a change of heart. 

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