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6 reasons why it is still smart to wait until marriage before having sex

There are a lot of decisions you have to make when getting into a new relationship with someone: when to meet each other's families and friends, how often you should see each other, and when you should have sex for the first time.

If you're stressing out about wanting to wait for a little into your relationship in order to do the deed, you might actually be onto something good.

Here are the reasons why you should wait till after marriage before having sex.

1. Having sex before you’re married can make your friendship less powerful:

Sex is a powerful force and once you start, it’s hard to stop. It seems like that’s what you should be doing all the time. Instead of finding other things to do, they stay in. Instead of socializing with other people, they jump in bed. And what happens? They lose their friendship. 

Then when you get married, you realize your relationship is shallow, and it’s harder to get it back on track. It’s better to build that emotional connection early.

2. There is something appealing about the wait:

Waiting for sex may be difficult at times, but building up the anticipation before going all the way with someone can make it even better. 

When you wait, you build up sexual tension and fantasies, which can make the whole thing way more fun.

3. It gives you both time to get tested:

Ideally you and your partner should both have an up-to-date sexually transmitted infections test, but if you haven't, waiting is a great way to give both of you time to get tested.

This way, you can both know your status going into the relationship and seek treatment if needed.

4. A relationship can’t survive on sex alone:

You need other things to keep you going. One of the benefits of not having sex while you’re engaged is that you’re forced to find other things to occupy your time. You talk, and find out about each other. You find hobbies or sports you can do together. 

5. Sex cements you together, when perhaps you should stay apart:

Sex gives you a false sense of intimacy. When we have sex, we release the “bonding hormone” oxytocin, which makes us feel close to the person we’re with. We start to experience those fluttery feelings, and the wistful longing for that person. Sex can cement you together; but if you have sex and then break up and have sex and then break up, you start teaching your heart not to bond. 

6. Waiting helps you obey God and not become pregnant when you don’t want to.

It helps clarify your choice for marriage, and helps you to marry your best friend.

And saves you from the worry of STDs.

I hope you find this helpful, drop your comments.

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