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Things Some Men May Fake When They Want To Woo You Over

Some good and well-mannered ladies have turned to the opposite of themselves just because they fell into the hands of men who deceived them, played with their emotions, and left them for other women. These unfair experiences have made these ladies conclude that all men are the same and they will like to give the next man that will come their ways a payback.

The truth will remain that there are well-mannered men who know how to treat ladies. They know what respect for ladies means and they are ever ready to make women feel loved by the way they will treat them. The challenge is that some ladies don't define what they want before going into relationships and that made it difficult for them to detect when the relationship starts going the way they do not want.

So, how can you identify a man who has come to impress you for his selfish ambitions and then leave you for another available lady?

This article is will provide some things these men do to impress you. All you have to do is to cross-check their action around you before concluding.

Please note that a man who has good intentions may display the same thing but the difference is that he will do his own with your interest at heart. You will know that he is doing these things because he loves you. Unlike men who will always put themselves at the center of the whole thing.

Below are things some men may do when they want to impress you for their selfish interest.

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1. He will keep blaming his ex for a bad relationship he had. When a man comes to you for a relationship and he kept on blaming his ex for the reason why his past relationship didn't work, you should check him well. We all have errors and even if he must say it, it should not be an everyday talk. He might be doing that to impress you.

2. He will fake his expenses before you. When a man comes around you and started talking about how he gave money worth of million dollars to people, or he makes calls and starts mentioning big money. You should check him well. A man who wants to marry you may not want to impress you with his money. He will want you to accept him as a person. So, when a man talks more of his extravagant life but you have not seen him living as big as he talks. Then he may be faking it and may leave you after having what he wants.

3. He will talk more about having a good time together but will never talk of your future together. A man who wants to stay will sometimes include you in his future. But a man who may not have come to stay will only be talking about taking you to club, taking you to parties, taking you to eateries, he may continue to tell you that he will "spoil" you with his money. He will never say anything about the two of you living together in marriage.

4. He will keep demanding for s_x as if that is the only reason while he has come into your life. A man who has come to stay may not always demand for s_x, but the one who only comes to have "fun" and go his way will keep on disturbing you for s_x. His discussion with you will mostly circle around s_x. How to enjoy it, good styles that will improve you and how can do this or that.

When you notice these things about the man in your life, take time to ask him some questions like,

Where is this relationship going? What plans do you have for us? Where do you see us in the next six months or one year?

Don't put yourself in a relationship where you will come out to blame all men. There are decent men everywhere. Define what you want before you go into a relationship. Watch out for these signs and more. And make a good decision on time. Don't fall into the hands of few fake men.

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