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Ladies What Comes To Your Mind When A Guy Invites You To His House For The First Time? See Replies

Sometimes how men thinks can be quite different from that of ladies. There are many things men do in relationship that may be different from the intention of the ladies and vice versa.

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Relationship is always with some ups and downs as none can ever be perfect, people only try to manage one another and those who can't stand each other will have to break up the relationship or Marriage.

Dating is about seeing one another, some people can't even try engaging in distance relationship as they always love to see their partner. Although, some people cherish distance courting more.

A question was asked by a lady Identified as Patience Ojindu on Facebook to know the mind of ladies concerning some actions by men they are dating. She asks about what usually comes to ladies mind the moment a guy invites them to their house for the first time.

This question seems very sensitive as many men do not know the thought of the ladies while being invited by them

See some of the reactions regarding this question.

What do you think come to their mind?

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