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I Saw The Most Beautiful Person I Have Ever Met And I Knew That She Would Be My Wife - Man

To some people, social media is where they troll and drag people for fun, but to other people it is where they gain visibility for their businesses and create amazing relationships. Many people have found love on social media too. Talking about finding love on social media, that is the story of Margaret and Eghosa. Their journey to spending the rest of their lives together began from social media.

The beautiful couple is set for their forever, and it began from DM on Instagram. The couple recently shared their pre-wedding photos with members of the public, and from their photos you could see that love is truly in this place. We cannot help but notice the chemistry and friendship that is written all over the photos.

They also took out time to share the story of how it all began, and how they got to where they are now.

Eghosa said that they began chatting in the DM on Instagram in 2012, and they immediately felt a strong connection towards each other, even though they were chatting from two different continents. Margaret was in the United Kingdom while he was in Nigeria, and he started making plans of travelling to the UK to see her.

Then the time they had arranged for him to go and see her arrived, and when he got to Heathrow, she came all the way from Portsmouth to wait for him at the airport. He said that she took time off from work and from her PhD research to come and receive him at Heathrow.

Speaking further, he said that he saw the most beautiful person he has ever met, and that he knew from that moment that she would be his wife. He said that she was more beautiful in person, and that she did not even allow him to pull his luggage by himself. That shows how excited she was to see him.

Eghosa said that his plan was to travel to the UK every month to see her after that their first encounter, but unfortunately, COVID-19 pandemic came and spoilt their plans.

But that did not put obstacles on their love. He met with her family here in Nigeria, and got close to them. He told them about his intentions for their daughter, and they started making plans for the proposal.

As soon as flight restrictions were lifted, he got on the next available flight to the UK to see her, and there he popped the big question, and she said yes to him. And today they are set for their wedding.

Their story is a clear proof that love can come from anywhere, including social media. Sometimes being rude to people in DM on social media is not the ideal thing to do. Some of the people who come to DM actually come with good intentions, even though there are also annoying and irresponsible ones too. So the best thing to always do is to give people the benefit of doubt, and hear what they have to say first whenever they hit your inbox. You never know where that could lead to.

Margaret and Eghosa are now on this beautiful journey because they understood that one can find love anywhere, and even though they were miles of distance away from each other, they put in efforts to make their love have a beautiful ending.

As they get into this journey of marriage, we wish them the very best, and pray that their home will never lack happiness.

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