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Tiwa Savage Can Learn From Dr Liverpool's Story & Sue Her Blackmailer

It's good people are standing up to blackmailers, that's the wise thing to do after having messed up. But best is to deal with one's weaknesses, count the cost ahead and as much as possible minimize wrongdoings especially those that are disgraceful. As tough as dealing with one's weaknesses is, it is still a whole lot better than dealing with blackmails.

Also when doing or intending to do even kind deeds, be cautious, even prayerful, no matter how much pity-party is being displayed, the reason is some blackmailers/other kinds of manipulators are now cashing in on the soft-heartedness of some people with tender hearts to frame them. A 19-year-old girl may be going to jail very soon in Bayelsa State. Her offense? Blackmail and cyberstalking. How did she arrive at her current destination?

She consented to sexual intercourse with a retired permanent secretary (PS) in the Bayelsa State Ministry of Education, Dr. Walton Liverpool, somewhere in a three-star hotel in Yenagoa. The man must have settled here for the consensual mating. The girl had much more in her kitty beyond whatever the man offered her.

She videoed the man during the play, with the hope of blackmailing him with it for extortion. Did she succeed at it? She could have gotten away with it but for her greed. She wanted N5million bucks from the retired PS who could only afford N1m. When the man would not dance to her tune, she caused the nude video of the man to be released and shared on social media platforms.

What did the man do? Down already, he did not want to dig further. He owned up to his shit and informed the DSS who got the lady arrested and is now being prosecuted, though on bail at the moment. The lesson here is that you don't succumb to your blackmailer. You own up to your shit and thereafter find a way to clean it. Tiwa Savage should be reading this. Where is the blackmailer who leaked her s*x tape to the public? She should go after the blackmailer and teach him a lesson. That's how it is done. A man's prayer is usually not to mess up. But when you mess up which sometimes happens, the next prayer will be not to die.

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Sue Her Tiwa Savage


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