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6 Mistakes Men Make When They Want A Relationship

A lot of guys are unlucky with women not to because women despise them, but because they actually get a couple of things wrong when it comes to women. When a woman becomes too wary of you, it becomes a difficult task to try to get her to look your way ever again. That is why men need to avoid these mistakes that chase women away:

1. Being In A Hurry To Start A Relationship

It is quite unfortunate that some guys decide to ask a girl out on their first meeting. It is a massive turn-off because the girl can never take your words seriously at the moment. You need to take time to know what you actually feel, or else, you will chase her away. 

2. Being Overly Possessive

Most women do not like men who wouldn't allow them to be and wouldn't allow them to function. Men are to always have it at the back of their mind that before they met a woman, she already has her own life going. You both have to make space and create a place for each other. The man should not try to always make decisions for her. It could chase her away.

3. Talking About Your Ex

Though it is not a crime to let your woman know about your ex but not to the extent of comparing them together. If you try to praise your ex, you could make your woman insecure, and if you try to spoil her, that you could also spoil your reputation in front of your woman. It could chase her away.

4. Being Stingy

Stinginess here is not only monetary, but it could be in form of information, clothing, or food. Women always feel that they are on the receiving end, so men need to cultivate the habit of giving. It is better to give than to receive. If you make everything about yourself, you might just be turning her off. 

5. You Push For Intimacy To Soon

It is quite understandable that you might not be able to control yourself whenever you see her but you should not make intimacy a sole priority. If possible, you should be patient enough to make her ask you for sex because you'd know that it is her idea. But if you keep pushing for it, then she might feel that that is the only reason why you are in that relationship. It is a massive turn-off because other guys might have treated her like that. 

6. Not Being Straightforward

Nobody wants to be with someone they cannot predict and someone they cannot rely on. If you say you want to do something that you have to do it and don't make her question your dedication. You should not be the kind of man who says something and does the other. When you say something will happen, then you have to make it happen.

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