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5 Signs You'd Notice In A Woman That Doesn't Love You The Way You Love Her

In any given relationship, it takes the effort of the two people involved to make it meaningful and worthwhile, and the behaviour of one partner can make or destroy the relationship.

In this article, we will talk about some bad habits that some girls exhibit that shows that they are cheap and shouldn't be regarded as long term partner options by any guy. These habits are often characterised by greed, selfishness and a proper lack of understanding as to what a relationship is about.

So, below are the five things that your girlfriend night so that shows she is the cheap type and shouldn't be trusted.

1. She always collect from you and doesn't give you back.

For a relationship to work, both parties need to contribute at least contribute something to spice things up though not equal amounts. When a guy finds himself in a relationship where he's the only one doing the giving while the girlfriend takes all the taking, then one is definitely using the other.

If your girl doesn't appreciate your efforts by trying to at least reciprocate what you've been doing for her by getting you a gift also, then she's really cheap. This is because people like that only allow greed and selfishness to overpower their reasoning and she is only interested in what you have to offer her.

2. She easily gives out her contacts to guys.

I have heard a lot of guys complaining about their girlfriends being very generous in giving out their phone numbers to random guys they've just met and that really makes them jealous. Though it is normal to share contacts these days without much attached, yet you need to study the facial expression of your girl when she does that in your presence. Does she have this flirty and seductive look when doing it? When you notice she perfectly describes the above question, then imshwvis trying to say that you're just an option and she is ready and available to another man. Only a cheap girl does such as women with standards know their worth and the ones they love.

3. She always ask expensive items from you.

You can't generally be a boyfriend in these days without willing to spend in your girl. In as much as these might sound romantic and harmless ( if you're financially able), yet some girls have this bad habit of being too greedy and material obsessed. Their love for expensive items at the cost of the financial freedom of their boyfriends or lovers makes them appear cheap because most times, girls like that are not reasonable enough to care about your future, your family and even yourself as they are only interested in them selves.

4. She doesn't call you as much as you do.

A cheap girl is not a person that is very romantic or knows what a relationship is about. They only focus on themselves and sometimes, they find it difficult to just call and check on you except when they need something from you. Some might even refuse to call you with the airtime you bought for them! This behaviour shows that she doesn't care about you as much as you care about her, and only a cheap girlfriend does this.

5. She is only around when you have money.

This is one of the most obvious signs of a cheap girlfriend when she is only interested in your good times and never a part of your trying moments. When you notice this behavior, you should know immediately what she's after and letting her go from your life would definitely be a better option.

So in summary, a cheap girl is one who only has her interest at heart and doesn't care about your feelings or emotions.

Thanks for reading end have a wonderful day!

Content created and supplied by: GideonOgbike (via Opera News )


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