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3 Actions That Could Prevent You from finding the Love of your Life

Some of our actions takes love away from our lives.

Many times, we did not understand why we're still single and do not find the love of our lives and completely ignore that perhaps some of our actions are responsible for it.

3 Actions That Prevents You from finding the Love of your Life.

1. You think you're not in age for something serious.

Many women, and also men, put she as a pretext for not having a formal relationship. Whether they think they're too young or too old.

But, the reality is that love be has no age, there are couples who feel in love in high school and lasted a lifetime together, and there are those who met their true love after 40 or 50 years. So forget about that, age doesn't matter when love exist. Don't use it as an excuse.

2. Prince Charming does not exist

It happens that you met someone and you immediately rejecting him because he doesn't have that portray of the kind of man you have in mind.

You must realized that perfect couple you imagined may not exist. So stop looking for a thousand flaws for all your suitors; stop waiting for that ideal man and focus on the compatibility and connection you can have with someone.

3. You wait to "Be Ready"

These are those who believe that to get a good partner, they must first prepare themselves physically, emotionally, financially or professionally.

If you want to have a great body, fix all your mental and attitude problems, have a solid career or get out of debt, you'll spend a long time alone. Whoever thinks so is really saying "I am not good enough to be with someone", without realizing that true love will love you as you are and helps you to grow.

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