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As A Woman In A Relationship, Here Are 4 Things You Should Avoid Before Marriage

Women do a lot of things all in the name of love in today's world. When people fall in love, they often lose their sense of direction and start doing things they would never do on a regular basis.

If the relationship does not progress to marriage despite completing these things, it is painful. While in a relationship, there are four things you should be wary about and avoid.

1) having a relationship with a man before to marriage (cohabitation). When most women fall in love, they often pack their possessions and move in with a man who has not paid her bride fee and is unlikely to do so in the future. Fulfilling your wifely tasks when you are not married is a huge mistake that you should avoid simply because you love a man.

2) The delivery of a child too soon.

Because of their love for a man, a substantial number of young women have murdered their kids or had several abortions. Because they develop affections for someone who isn't their spouse, they may argue that he isn't ready to be a father when they become pregnant. This is upsetting because the female puts her life at jeopardy by committing such a horrific crime. As a result, you must be cautious not to make a similar error.

3) Taking care of wifely responsibilities

Many women in love engage in not just premarital cohabitation, but also commitments that a spouse must fulfill. Every day, they cook dinner, clean the house, and even do their laundry. They may be disillusioned with the connection in any scenario. Make sure you're married before you start fulfilling your wifely duties.

4) Sacrificing your aims and objectives for the sake of a man. In the name of love, many young women fall pregnant and quit attending high school or learning a skill, suffocating their desires and inventive and prescient mind processes, and rising as a life-unsatisfying thought process.

Please, women, do not do these things in the name of warmth since they will result in a range of unpleasant outcomes.

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