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How to behave matured in your relationship

1. You can control how you respond. You can choose to react in ways that honor yourself, hold boundaries, and communicate your needs. Always maintain your cool and decency in your relationship no matter what. Your partner always watch out for your manner of approach when things are hot.

2. Believe that your worth is not in question. Your value as an individual is not diminished one bit because someone seems to be losing interest. You are well values else where so don't think you have lost your self esteem because someone has a bad thought in mind.

3. Be prepared to move on. If your partner truly is losing interest, decide what it best for you and your future. You know there are lots of people who will take a big interest in you. So always be ready to move on always so you don't get disappointed. Know that every humanbeing are proned to changes. So be ready to let someone go because this life has plans for you and your happiness will never be jeopardizes by one person

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