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These Are Possible Signs That Proves, Someone Is Crushing On You.

When someone loves or likes you, it will reflect in their eyes. They will make sure to check you out whenever possible. When you catch them staring at you, they always try to hide it.

They do not miss a single chance to stand or sit next to you whether the room is crowded or you are the only two in the room.

Dilated pupil is a great sign to look for as it is something we can’t control. The research found out that eye dilation only happens when you’re looking at something or someone you’re attracted to.

When someone loves you, they go overboard while teasing you, you’re the target of their jokes more often than anyone else, but they don’t like it when other people start teasing you.

If their friends leave when you come around, then this clearly indicates that they know how they feel about you

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