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26 Funny Distracted Boyfriend Meme, Please Don't Laugh Alone, Call Your Friends To See It Themselves

We're too used to the usual funny Nigerian memes and I've come to realize that it's not only Nigerians that are good at making funny meme jokes but those overseas are also creating funny stuff that would make you laugh and forget your worries.

The thing is, you have to understand the use of English language and not the usual Nigerian Pidgin English to really have a good laugh about it. Though, Nigerian made memes are just too hilarious owing to our daily funny moments everywhere. But I'm sure these funny distracted boyfriend memeswould make you laugh out loud.

See meme below;

 I just hope you enjoy reading this piece of memes on my timeline, share your thoughts on the ones you feel are the funniest.

I've come to realize that sometimes people will turn into memes things that they wouldn’t say out loud especially in public places. That's to say, they might have a meme express a viewpoint they might not express directly because of the reaction it would receive. Don’t do that. No matter where the viewpoint goes, the person expressing it is responsible for it and not the meme.

Memes from what I know can be very funny, thought-provoking, informative, sarcastic and sometimes a little shady. Memes should be made to express thoughts should, they should not be unkind.

Pictures in the memes are for illustrative purposes and any true resemblance of anybody should be disregarded.

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Content created and supplied by: Oluwapolycarp (via Opera News )

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