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Take note of these slangs use by different cult groups to communicate and their meaning

Every cult group has its pattern which they use in communicating. They developed this pattern to put non-member in a confuse state when they interact with each other.

So, it becomes important to note these words because it might save you from danger, especially when they are on a deadly operation. When you understand some of these terms used by them, you can easily dictate their next moves.

Today, we focus this article on some words use by different Cult groups to communicate within themselves. This article is meant for educational purpose, I do not encourage any form of cultism but to expose the way they communicate in order to save a soul from being a victim of cultism.

1. Vikings

This is one of the popular cult groups on campus. They worship a god called Odin.

Some Term Vikings use

They refer the word kill as “Kpaie”, Knife as “Blade”, Bullet as “groundnet”, Beat as “Maroone”, Slap as “Woz”, Punch as “Brew”. When you hear them saying the above words, my brother run ooo.

Other Terms

Non-member - Jew

House - Aku

School - Deck

Intending Members - Norons

Initiation - ITT

Meeting - C.F( campfire)

Ribbon - Bornet

Money - Dues

A member’s serious girlfriend - Seamate.

A member’s unserious girlfriend - Loot.

Other cult members are called Bastards.

2. Aye - Axemen

This cult group begins their name with Aye meaning strong, they worship korofo as a god.

Some Term Aye use:

They refer the word Gun as “Four”, Knife as “One”, Axe as “Seven” Bullet as “Seven” Matchet as “One”, Kill as “Kpai”, Beat as “Mend” Cane as “Jenet” when you hear them saying these words you better leave that premises.

Other Terms

Talk - Yarn

Drums - Egba

Beret - B.B


Light/fire - Erayo

Marijuana - Breadwheat

Silent/Quit - fem

Initiation Drinks -KOKOMA (a special drink meant for members only)

Non-member - Jew

Intending member - ITJ

Another cultist - System Man

Meeting place - Ground


Formed by 7 person called “Magnificent 7” was in the year 1952 at Uniben.

Some Term Pirates use:

They refer the word Gun as “Cold Rod” Bullet as “Groundnut, Kill as “Overboard, Die as “Toss”.

Other Terms

House - Cove

Bus - Ship

cigarette - Weed

Spoon - Opener

Beret - Redhair

Die - Toss

Small stout -

Wristwatch - Compass

Light matches - Thunder

Coffin - Chest

Burial - Salay

Food - Flesh

Hemp Marijuana- High Weed

Beer - Local Poison

Marriage - White Salay

Wife - P.1(POINT I)

Girlfriend - Doss

4. Buccaneers

sometimes called SeaLords. Formed at University College Ibadan in 1972.

Some Terms Buccaneer use

They refer the word Gun as “Bom Boy”, Knife as “Side”, Bullet as “Groundnut, Beat as “Hull”.

Other Terms

Slap - Wackam

Coffin - Grandpa’s chest

Initiation - JorJoe

Light - Atukpa

Graduated - Salted Lords(XYZ)

Misbehave - Lagged

School - Deck

Money - Fingers

Year - Sager

Serious Girlfriend - Sweet

Unserious Girlfriend - Loot

Non Member - Lobber

Meeting Ground - A.P. (Anchor Point).

5. Air Lord

Affiliated to EIYE society formed in 1963 at the University of Ibadan.

Some Terms Air Lord Use

House - Nest

School - Nest

Kill - Kpai

Beat - Morosoto

Stick - Cake

Food - Eiye Water

Bullet -GarriRice (GR)

Knife - Stab.

Beret - B.B

NO.I Man’s Girlfriend-EBAKASI

Intending Member -Rat

Members -BIRDS (Haba krier) AirLords

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