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9 Costly Mistakes Most Men Make In Marriage.

9 Costly Mistakes Most Men Make In Marriage.

What makes a man complete is having a family he can call his own. Marriage is no doubt a good thing. It also comes with enormous responsibilities.

Unfortunately, most men are not prepared or do not build the right mindset before entering into it.

Therefore, they end up making some costly mistakes that could have been avoided from the beginning.

The truth is that some of these mistakes might end up having terrible consequences that can adversely affect the man and his generations to come. So, this mistakes should not be taken lightly.

Here are 9 Costly Mistakes Most Men Make In Marriage;

1. Dependence On Their Wife's Income

We are meant to believe that in a marriage, because the couple have become one, therefore, their income should also become one.

In other words, it is no longer 'my money' but 'our money'.

However, when one partner grossly abuses that privilege, that philosophy may twist to favour the one who actually makes the money. 

I understand that there are times a man might have financial challenges that may keep him temporarily off balance. 

That not withstanding, every man should buckle up and take financial charge of their family.

Excessive dependence on your wife's income for a prolonged period is the gateway to disaster in a home. Every man should avoid such a costly mistake.

2. Nonchalance In Family Planning

Some men don't care about their wives monthly cycle. They don't even want to understand how it works. What is their business with a woman's ovulation?

They are nonchalant when it comes to participating in family planning discussions or decisions.

As a result, some of them end up having more children than they actually expected, and this can become a costly mistake, especially when they are not financially prepared for such.

3. Not Planning To Build A House Early

Except you already live in your own house before you marry, if there's one thing that should occupy your mind as soon as you marry, it is the thought of how to build your own house.

How long will you remain a tenant in another man's house? You should set a goal on exactly when you want to start and finish building your own house.

4. Not Establishing A Business

The world is evolving. It is no longer safe to remain under someone else's employment for life. 

Even Government workers who are assured of job security are also becoming smart in building a business, how much more someone who is not even on a secured job. 

Most men make the mistake of not establishing a business. As a result, even when their children graduate from higher institution, it often takes them years before they are able to start up in life. 

5. Not Saving For The Future 

As far as some men are concerned, every thing they earn must be consumed now or never.

They are not interested in saving for the future. This is a very costly mistake.

6. Not Investing In Assets

Unfortunately, some men don't understand the difference between assets and liabilities.

Remember that asset is anything that has the capacity to put money in your hands e.g Real estate.

Liability is anything that removes money from your hands e.g Car (unless it is used for business purposes).

Not investing in assets is a costly mistake most married men make in life.

7. Not Focusing On Their Wife

Nothing drains a man faster than having concubines outside his matrimonial home. Every man must learn to focus on his wife and make his marriage to work.

The reason you think the woman outside is an angel is because she is not yet living in your home, with a wedding ring on her finger. 

If you focus on bringing the best out of your wife, you will enjoy your home. This is one area most men miss it. Also, don't forget that infidelity in marriage has grave consequences.

8. Not Focusing On Their Immediate Family

Some men are so mindful of helping their extended family members or outsiders even to the detriment of their immediate family.

While it is absolutely wrong for you to shy away from helping people around you, whether relatives or not, always remember that your immediate family is your number one priority and responsibility.

It may surprise you to know that most of the people you are trying to impress outside your immediate family may never lift a finger to help your children, should anything happen to you tomorrow.

9. Spiritual Laziness

I once heard a man say; "If the devil wants to attack a man, he first attacks his prayer life and his finances".

Some men are very lazy spiritually. They feel it is the responsibility of their wife to pray for them. 

As far they are concerned, prayer is not an issue. Men, this is one costly mistake you must avoid because PRAYERLESSNESS in particular can wreck and ruin every area of a man's life!

Finally, I hope you learnt something worthwhile.

What other costly mistake do men make in marriage?

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