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Fiction: My Marriage is crumbling because I have no Child. Please what should I do?

My name is Tina Ifeoma, I am 28 years old and hails from Imo State. My husband Terry Victor Okenna was such an amazing life partner to me, in fact it's obvious we were meant to be together. He worked as an Assistant manager in Gibbson's Oriental Trading Organization. We lived more like High class citizens in one of the best estates in Lagos, and we lacked no financial, or material needs. It's nice to say that we got whatever we wanted for ourselves anytime, anywhere. People always tease us, “Maybe both of you will make a better sibling,” 'but that's what we were' will always be my response. 

The happiness in my home fizzled away after five years of marriage without a child, my nights was as bitter as a bitter kola. My husband was always patient with me, even when I cried as I prayed, he just consoles me. One will ask, “Does his Childlessness ever bothers him?.” Sincerely it does, but he will never shows it. Deep down it really hurts him. 

We waited and prayed to God ceaselessly for 2 years, but to no avail. Indeed, no Child was coming forth, but we never lost faith in the Lord. All test results shows that I am healthy and has no issues in conceiving a baby. I just hope God will change my story like that of Hagar was my best prayer point that year. My Pastor always encouraged me to trust in the Lord, that my story will surely change. 

This year, my Mother-In-laws visit with a young lady by name Lilian is causing a great havoc in my family in fact it is trying to ruin my happy home. On her arrival, I rushed to help her get her luggage, but she pushed me away while she said, "Blood of Jesus cover me from this Witch.” I can't wait to tell my darling husband, so, I texted him, but he gave no reply. When he returned from office, he saw me sobbing on the bed, but he reluctantly asked what the problem was. I waited till night to tell him all that happened but to my utmost surprise, the lady who came with my mother-in-law took my position as she slept with my own husband on my matrimonial bed. I was devastated all night, I couldn't sleep, “I was so hurt because my husband had planned all these without my knowledge.”

Early in the morning, I left home to our marriage consultant, and she advised me on what to do. I went as fast as I could to meet my family and my parents were so disheartened when they heard the story. For me I knew it was never my fault, so I was ever persistent not to lose my husband. One of my friends took me to a herbalist which I fulfilled every ritual but no child came. 

I got the highest shock the day Lilian returned as she shouted, honey I am pregnant. My heart skipped a bit, I can't breathe freely, in less than a minute I lost consciousness. I had lost my family was the only thing that swept through my mind as I sat on my hospital bed. This year is never a good year for me. 

She acts like she is the boss, while I was treated like a maidservant. My friend advised me to try something new which was to meet another man. But I have thought of this a thousand times, and I am afraid of doing it. I don't want to lose my Family, I don't want to lose my husband, I don't want to break my husband's trust, but I can't sit and Watch another woman take over my home. 

Please friends advise me on what to do.

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