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If You know You Love Success, Then This One Is For you.

Here are beautiful quote of the screets of successful men and women in past and present time. You want to be a successful person. Then you must read this to the end.

1.hard works pay

2. Dream big

3. Sacrifice and discipline is rewardabe.

4. Don't give up

5. Dream plus hardwok equal success

7. Success is the payment of hardwok.

8. Patience and Perseverance are key ingrident of success

10. Success is not accidental, it really takes hard work.

11. Success is not built on bed of rose.

12. You must persevere to succeed

13. Dream but also work it out.

14. Success is a continuous process

15. Successful people keep moving

16. Dreams without action is not complete.

17. Success is always a continuous process

18. Don't be satisfied with the current status quo

I hope you found this selection motivational

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