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As A Lady, Here Are 12 Benefits Of Being Single

Still single? I can't believe that you're single, why are you single? That is the most common question that single people get asked nowadays. As a lady, there are disadvantages and advantages both of being single. There are lot of advantages of being single and its depends on person to person how they take them. Here are few according to me:

1. Independence or Freedom

You can do whatever you want, have your own personal space, self decision making

2. Saves time , more time to spends on friends and family

3. You don't need to be well groomed, need not to worry about how you look.

4. The most favourite advantage of being single is that you can flirt with anyone because there is no one to question you.

5. You can wear whatever you want or go wherever you want to especially for solo trip.

6. You can handle all your problems and you shouldn't depend on anyone.

7. You can do more focus on yourself instead of others.

8. Your family, carrer, friends are your priorities instead of one person.

9. You can give your phone to your family, friends without any fear.

10. You can sleep peacefully instead of so called waiting for someone or like lovey dovey talks.

11. If, by some chance, you run across some person of your preferred s*x who completely captivates your attention, who shows a mutual interest in you, you can act on it.

12. You run your life. You make decisions you like because you like them. You don’t do things you don’t like because you don’t like them. You only do what you want to do. All day. Every day.

So, concluding my points with a famous saying; "Attachment leads to expectations and expectations leads to disappointment". Hence remain single and be happy.

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