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Husband and wife relationship

5 Lovely Things To Do To Your Husband Often

Men sometimes wish for a better thing or more for something because of the way they felt the first time it was done. Even if it has not been done before, they may want it because they know that it will make them feel good and possibly love their wives better.

Now, imagine you know things your husband wants and you keep doing it. He will always respond positively and you will keep enjoying him. He will boast of you anywhere because you have captured his heart with your good deeds.

Below are things your husband may wish you will do more often.

1. He wishes you will give him respect more often. Any lady can call her husband sweetheart when he gives her money or makes her happy in one way or the other. But what about making it a habit to always give him respect and call him good names. Your husband wishes you will know how to talk to him concerning a thing to the point that when he offends you in the public, you will hold yourself till you get back home and tell him that you don't like the way he acted. He wants you to respect him by minding the kind of things you share with people about his relationship with you.

2. Ask how his days went. Your husband goes to work and returns in the evening and the first thing you table before him was the school fees or any other challenge. He may react in a way that you will not like. He wants you to welcome him back with a smile. He wants you to ask how his day went at work. He wants you to share his experience by trying to know what he passed through. He wants you to respect him in the way you react with other men outside because any insult on you, is an insult on him too.

3. Take him out on a date.Your husband is a human being, he has feelings, he knows a good thing and he deserves to be given good treatments too. You can surprise him by taking him out on a date. Especially, if he is not always around. That will make the two of you have enough time for each other and you know what, he will try to give you a payback which will be higher.

4. Rub and scratch his back after a day's job.It is good to sit with your husband watching a movie when he is back from work or lying on the same bed with him. But what is the work of your hands and fingertips while you are together? This man is yours, you should ease his stress away by rubbing his back. You can even give him a generalized massage. You don't need to learn it, just try to the best of your ability.

5. He needs your encouragement. Your husband wishes you will sometimes give him your words to encourage him as he tries to meet the needs of the family and to become a better man in life. He wishes you will pay more attention to him and know when he is down emotionally so that your words can light up his mood and give him hope and courage to forge ahead in life.

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