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Most Fathers Are Losing Relevance In Their Families Nowadays (Opinion)

Most Fathers Are Losing Relevance In Their Families Nowadays (Opinion)

For a family to remain standing, there must be the presence of a father, mother and children. While fathers are the pillar of the family, most families have pillars that are not strong enough. This is not because the father is not good-looking but because there are some responsibilities that such father is ignoring.

The responsibility of each member of the family is quite different; the father look for what will make the family stand strong, the mother maintain those things the father brought and they use all those things on their children. In addition, it is the responsibility of both the father and mother to look after the children.

Then, why is this topic seeking our opinions?

Well, after researching about it, I later found out that most of the fathers we have nowadays are busy looking for money. We'll, while this is not bad, they are using this to sabotage their responsibilities at home. What responsibility again? Their Children! The father also should look after the children, I think. Children of those fathers who don't look after them are those who are closer to their mums than their dads. Reason is because they see their mothers' face more than their fathers'. On the other hand, most fathers are also avoiding all their responsibilities including feeding of the children. Once the mothers started earning some cash, they pour all the responsibilities on them. Why must it be? Even if this must be, there should be a mutual understanding among them.

What is your opinion on this topic?

Well, although this research is done in my local environment, I just want to know whether this is how all fathers do in other places. Are fathers losing relevance in their families? What type of responsibility do you think fathers are losing nowadays?

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