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Wife caught her husband in bed with his sister (fiction)

Good day lovely readers, trust you are having a nice time, in today's article i will like to share with you a story of a wife who caught her husband in bed with her younger sister 😲.

This woman has been married to her husband for 4 years and their marriage has been blessed with two kids.

His sister lost her and had no option that to move to her parents house. How ever the husband asked the wife if she could come anf stay with them, since his sister won't be comfortable staying with her parents, the wife was very excited and allowed her sister-in-law to move in and stay with them.

With time the husband an his sister were so close, but the wife feel it just agape love more over they are siblings. It been 6 months now and everyone enjoy each other's company.

One day the wife decided to go visit her mom with her two kids a boy and a girl, unfortunately the boy had asthma, and she forgot to take his inhaler along since she wasn't far from home she rush back home to get the inhaler, on getting home she met the husband had his sister having chemistry together on bed, she was really shocked she screamed at the top of her voice and cried out of the house.

This is very Bad, could that really be his sister!

What would you do if you are in the girls shoes, share your thoughts in the comments section below 👇

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