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Signs Your Partner Is Not Happy With You

Your spouse doesn’t seem like the person you married any more – if your partner is less present, and she/he is acting strangely. You are sure that something is wrong, but whenever you ask, your spouse says that nothing is wrong.

This is especially true in marriage. Spouses, especially men, express their feelings through actions. Many signs may indicate that your husband is unhappy in the marriage.

Studying your partner will let you know for sure what is in his mind and heart. It is possible to regain control of the situation if you know what to look for and can pick it up early enough.

Here is a quick checklist you can use to see if there really is something there, or not.

The 10 signs that your spouse is not happy in your marriage

1. He/She doesn’t spend time with you anymore.

At one time, you and your husband were inseparable, and he always put you first.

Now he puts extra hours at work and prefers to spend time with his friends. If he starts working late into the evenings, on weekends and vacations, he MIGHT be using his job conveniently as an excuse for avoiding spending time with you. Pay attention to the word MIGHT.

2. He/She has a new obsession.

If your spouse starts devoting most of his free time golfing, drinking, exercising, playing video games, or pursuing other hobbies at the expense of your relationship, this is a clear indication that there is a problem.

If your partner does not feel at peace at home, then he will do everything possible to minimize the amount of time he spends at home and with you.

You both can find a hobby you love as partner and fix this into your plans.

3. Your spouse is emotionally unavailable.

One of the first signs that your spouse is unhappy is when he starts withdrawing from you emotionally.

If your partner is not sharing this thoughts, feelings and emotions with you, there is an issue that needs to be taken care of. 

If it’s been a while since you heard the words, ‘Hi honey! How was your day?, there is a good reason why your husband does not want to chat.

4. Your partner stops communicating.

Communication is one of the strongest features of a happy marriage.

If all of a sudden your partner starts dodging essential conversations, it can be a sign that he/she feels that you do not understand him or her again.

5. He will not discuss the future.

You once talked about everything concerning the future – where to live, vacations, saving, retirement.

The fact that your partner no longer talks about the future probably shows that your partner doesn’t want one with you.

6. Your spouse has developed a short temper.

If your formerly even-tempered partner has suddenly developed a short fuse, it is time to consider that something is bothering them. A shift in patience is a clear indication that your partner is no longer sure about your compatibility.

7. Your partner starts nitpicking.

Previously, your spouse thought that everything you did was adorable, but now you can’t even breathe without your partner nitpicking you.

8. You find yourself making a lot of excuses for them.

If you're constantly saying, _"It's fine, it's fine, it's fine"._ It's probably not fine. 

Especially if you're making excuses for behaviors that are not what you want from your partner anyway, something is probably up.

9. Your Intimacy level changes.

Intimacy could happen less frequently for a number of reasons. 

It's natural for people to have less sex when they're in a long, serious relationship but if it's slowing down just as it's supposed to be picking up, that could mean one partner isn't as invested in the relationship as they should be. This isn't the only reason they might not be interested in sex. It could be caused by stress outside the relationship and many others.

10. He/she will stop complimenting you.

In any relationship, your partner most especially women loves to hear admiring remarks from their partner. Though some might feels it's not necessary, because they've been together for long. But if he or she is fond of doing this before and suddenly stopped from doing so, no for sure that something is wrong.

When you noticed any of the signals above, please do not fight him or her, all you needs to do, is to find a right time to talk things out.

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