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4 best ways to treat your girlfriend right.

This days domestic violence has become the other of the day in our society, I once dropped an article on the things we do that chases women away. Like wise I feel it will be right if I drop an article well articulated on the tips on how to treat a woman well.

I am not a feminist activist I just think it is deemed ok for you to be enlightened on how to take care and treat a woman well so you won't experience marital problems, lately I have received some mails in my inbox from some men asking me to enlighten them on this issue.

Now you have got a beautiful qeen you wouldn't want to lose her or perhaps you are in a relationship wondering the things you should do to keep your lady happy, don't worry I got your back, many experience relationship break up because they don't really know were and how to press the button, I mean they don't know the tips on how to treat a woman well. and they merely don't care. Oga if you don't put some if this into consideration you may find yourself wallowing in an unhappy relationship, Now let's take a look of the necessary tip needed.

Be her help mate:

Now you probably have been going about your business, coming in late going out at once. Women generally appreciate you taking your time to help them with some house chores. When it seems as if she is over worked you can help her with some house chores, it doesn't change your personality rather it increases her love for you. But some people are very lackadaisical they think there wifes are maid, and just don't care whether she needs a helping hand or not. It's quite unfair.

Listen to her:

There is a saying that goes, a woman who knows how to cook has made it half way to a man's heart same as to a man who listen to what his wife has to say. Listening to your wife shows that you respect her opinion and you are ready to hear what she have to say. Not listening shows that you careless about her opinion. Regardless I don't think there should be anything to justify our attitude if you don't give a woman listen ears, she feel neglected and abused.


What is chivalry? This simply means acting nice and gentle, in other words being kind and romantic. Many people don't take this too seriously, ok remember when you first met that lady the excitement oh! you probably was falling head over heels for her but now is the love fading away?

Chivalry is a form of showing that you care it doesn't make you are vulnerable, as some make think. Rather it creates room for more feelings to grow. You probably must have heard of the story of Atlanta the girl with the golden hair who married a man, who own a golden comb, on a Christmas day he went to the Market and sold his golden comb so he can use the money to buy something for his wife. Before he would return his wife sold her beautiful Golden hair to purchase him a gift too. When he returns they both explained what each did and wept. I guess from this story you will get a vivd understanding of what I mean cause this man went extra way to make his wife happy and his wife also was ready to do same for him. Which woman on earth won't appreciate this?

Why do i have to ask such, a couple times we allow shyness get in the way when we want to show some chivalry. Being nice to a woman is not a big deal and in fact women love men who show some chivalry. E.g help her open the car door, bring her break fast on bed, buy her gift, tease her. If I may ask when was the last time you consider doing any? Sure you can't remember lol if you have been doing it keep it up.

Protect her:

Why on earth will you start a relationship with a woman when you know you can't protect her this is also a part of treating a woman well, it shouldn't be neglected. When she sees that you are always there supporting her through the thick and thin, she has no option to subconsciously fall in love with you without resisting. Everybody needs that one person that would be with them when the storms of life comes there way, that doesn't only portray you as a good lover but it also deem you fit as a partner. Everybody is against her may be she is right over her opinion just that others misunderstood and see things from the other perceptive. This is the time you have to take responsibility and stand by her side Not joining the crowd to act childish.

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