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If You Have A Boy Child, Here Are 15 Vital Things You Need To Teach Him Before Age 16

The goal of this article is to serve as a checklist for me and other fathers.

Let’s begin.

1) Always keep your word

A man's word is one of his most remarkable character qualities. You should just give your word is you're 100% certain you can keep it. Break your word only a single time and individuals will lose all respect and trust for you. 

2) Treat the women right 

Not every woman is right for you, but when you find the right one, it’s important you treat her right.Learn how to make her safe, sexy, wanted and esteemed. In particular, make her laugh, each day, as much as possible.

3) Sports 

Sports are an extraordinary method to have a lot of fun and engage yourself. They're likewise an extraordinary method to create control and remain fit as a fiddle. Each man should participate in a game at any rate once every week. 

4) Cooking 

It’s important to learn how to cook basic things.There are basic survival things a man must know, and “cooking” is one of them.

5) Hold the door for the women 

Continuously allow a woman to go in before you by holding the door open for her. This applies to all entryways: stores, lifts and vehicles. 

6) Match your garments, shoes and belt 

Certain colours look extraordinary together, and others resemble a wreck. You have to learn what colors go best with one another. With regards to your shoes, ALWAYS ensure they are the same color as your belt. 

7) Time waits for no man 

A man should never take time for granted.While it may feel like you have all the time in the world… you truly don't. 

8) Importance of privacy

There are certain things a man should always keep hidden. 

9) Never steal

You need it, you work for it. Period.Stealing is 100% unacceptable.

10) Dress for the occasion

Plan ahead and dress proper for events. In case you don't know what you should wear, ask somebody. 

11) Safe sex 

There's absolutely nothing to discuss, you should ALWAYS practice safe sex. 

12) No porn 

Porn is detrimental to your mental prosperity. The best time to quit watching it was yesterday. 

13) Limit social media

It's extraordinary to stay aware of friends and see what they're doing, yet ensure you limit the time you spend via social media. Try not to stress, whatever somebody shares today will in any case be there tomorrow. 

14) How to ride a bicycle 

It's an extraordinary exercise, relaxing, and a great deal of fun. 

15) Start saving to buy a home 

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