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Meet Lil Miquela the Female Robot who is a Musician, social Influencer and has a human boyfriend.

Meet Lil Miquela, a female robot who is a social media influencer, her boyfriend and girlfriends. See Photos

You might have seen or heard about Robots? They're electronic or virtual device created to look like a human . They can talk, walk and do many other things. They might be taking the place of human power in the future. 

Her name is Lil Miquela. She is a 19 years old social media influencer, musician and a celebrity with 2.9 million of followers on Instagram which is also verified.

She is a robot, a virtual person but lives and behaves as a normal human being.

She talks, eats, drinks and does many other things. It's completely amazing what science

She also has a boyfriend and many real life friends.

Lil Miquela and her fellow Robots

During the Coronavirus pandemic which made everyone stay indoors and mask up, she wasn't bothered because she is not a human being and as such she is immune to the novel virus. But she still keeps up with the precautionary measures by masking up.

She also advocated for the Black lives matter movement and also advised the Americans to go out and vote during voting periods.

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Lil Miquela Robots


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