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Can you believe Atiku's daughter cried? Her reason will interest you

I grew up with the notion that the rich don't cry clearly because they have everything money can buy at their disposal. Sometimes, they even cry more than the poor ones do and reasons are because, they are too emotional and can't handle the unexpected. I was stunned when I came across an article about Atiku's daughter shedding tears and before I even clicked to read it, I had asked myself, that what on earth will make the daughter of one of the richest man in the county cry if not a death related news but it is quite clear from the headline that it had got nothing to do with a negative news.

I decided to save myself the stress and see for myself, what was the cause for her tears and to my greatest surprise, it was because of a surprise birthday celebration thrown for her by the family. For a moment I laughed because that was all I could do at the time but then it strucked me that the best ways people express their happiness when they are being surprised is by shedding tears and that was exactly, what the daughter of our billionaire did. See photos of her crying after the surprise.

And these are the rest photos after she was done crying.

Just in case you feel like watching the video, you can do that via this link.

Have you ever been surprised by your family before? If yes, then tell me how was your expressions and in what way did you react to the surprise. Just feel free to drop your comments please. Thank you for reading.

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