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Differences Between Hanging Out, Dating, Relationship And Courtship

As adults things have to be sorted out and the need to know the path to tread upon arises as there has to be a proper understanding of the kind of accquintances we indulge. A lot of people confuse hanging out with dating, relationship with courtship but, here is a short explanation of each level of accquintance.

Hanging Out

Hanging out means to spend time in a place or with a person or with a group of persons. Hanging out is done with friends or a friend and more often, there's no dating involved. More often, hanging is triggered by attraction; a person could be attracted by another person's looks/appearance, by brilliance/intelligence, by the person's ascent, by the person's creative works, by his/her way of comport or, by his/her lifestyle of modesty or, by his/her luxurious lifestyle or, because of his level of education or, it could be anything!!

The difference between hooking up/having fun/hanging out and dating is intention; when you get hooked up or just have fun or just hang out, you really have no intention of dating that person.


Dating is a situation where two opposite sex meet socially with the aim of assessing the suitability of one another. Dating also means going on dates with people you find attractive and spending only few minutes to know them better beyond attraction by examining everyone's character and attitudes likes and interest accompanied with the intention of choosing who to have a relationship with. When deciding to date a lady it is necessary to ask her out some ladies ask a guy out anyway (optional) also know that, there are no serious commitments in dating as the guy is not yet a boyfriend and the girl is not yet a girlfriend therefore, you are just friends.

Having sex with someone does not automatically turn dating into relationship, dating someone for a long time does not turn dating into relationship, having wonderful chat time does not turn dating into relationship, spending money, time and resources while dating does not turn dating into relationship, partners should not ever assume being in a relationship when both partners have not yet agreed to it, partners must be matured enough to engage in that (sometimes awkward) discussion that ascertains your stands. This discussion should be done at the right time, in the right place, at the right setting and in the right mood and not too early while dating.


With regards to romance, relationship is the practice of physical and emotional exclusiveness among romantic partners. Relationship is exclusivity as there is an upgraded degree of commitment, the decision to be in a relationship gives the right to call the girl "girlfriend" and the right to call the guy "boyfriend" and romantic partners owe each other a level of trust, honestly and sincerity. Exclusivity in relationship means that you do things only with the selected partner so, in a relationship sex is exclusive, no secrets are kept, intentions are made known and there should be emotional and physical satisfaction; sad but true, if a partner lacks satisfaction and needs attention he/she could go out on other dates but, when satisfaction and attention is available there could be a smooth transition of the relationship to courtship and partners may refer to themselves as future partners.


Courtship is a period during which partners come to a mutual agreement to get married. The aim of courting is to reach a mutual agreement to get married. In Courtship, there is a heightened degree of commitment in courtship and a better understanding of both partners is obtained, both partners try to know their families, they try to settle possible discrepancies that may arise in the early stage of marriage, such as place of worship that is with regards to religion, source of income, where to live, number of children and so on.

A proper understanding of the levels of accquintance ensures matured moves and steps and decision are made with a clear head.

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