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10 Things men do that women hate with Passion.

Women are soft, fragile, and beautifully made creatures. They were made and created to make a man's world perfect! Which man on planet would say he doesn't love the presence of a beautiful woman? Well, except those in the seminary...yeah?

A happy woman makes things move and function the way they should. In an orderly smooth, and undisturbed manner or frequency. This is to show you how powerful a happy woman can be. On the other hand, a woman can also make things fall apart in the blink of an eye if things don't go as she wants and expects. 

Most men would say women are difficult, but as the saying goes, once you know a person dislikes and likes, you would be able to handle them and read them as a book. 

Hence, below are a list of things men do, that women hate with Passion.

1. Being in poverty with a man

Women are all queens. Even though they don't have natural royalty blood flowing in their veins. They all deserve to be well taken good care of, be spoilt with nice, lovely, and maybe expensive gifts. It's draining on them to have to struggle endlessly with a man who they thought would take good care of them, and ended up failing them.

Women have fantasies, and they expect their man to at least be able to provide about 70% for them to live like the natural queens they are in their own kingdom.

If there's anything that would make them suffer and sweat endlessly when with their man, women totally hate it with passion.

But some would just endure the hardships, and decide they don't have a choice.

2. The love of their life cheating on them.

This is one of the worst betrayal any man can do to a woman. Cheating is like telling your partner I have the right to get down with anyone I want, and you can do nothing about it. If you cannot stand it, then walk out! This is so painful and torturing I must say.

Most women would so hate the man, and would just smile and pretend they are cool about it, until they also have the opportunity for their own pound of flesh. Women so hate the love of their life cheating on them with passion.

3. A man who inflicts emotional and physical pain on their women.

Men who are physically and emotionally abusive to their women tends to spark a form of cold hatred in their women towards them. These categories of women would patiently wait for the day they would have their own perfect moment and have a cold revenge. And those who cannot have a revenge would most of the time just leave the relationship. But would never forget or forgive such a sin.

4. Women hates a man who is a chronic liar.

Most people would say, if you want to get any woman you have to lie to her. But this assumption is only for weak men and fake women. 

But a woman who is real, with her reasoning faculties intact, would not want the 70% of what her man tells her to be false. 

Once she realizes they are false, she would find it so difficult to forgive him, this is also one of the biggest betrayals and things most women hate with passion.

5. A man who is a mummy's boy

There's nothing wrong loving your mum and all. But come on, why make her the principal and the captain of your home or Relationship?

Like if you and your girlfriend has a misunderstanding, the next person you would call and tell is your mum. If your girlfriend does any little thing, all you do is run to your mum and start crying by downloading every details to her. Like this is so so wrong. 

And most women hates this with passion. This is one of the reasons why most mother in-laws hates their daughter in-laws or the ladies their sons are dating, because the men are still so immature to keep some certain things private when it comes to their mother. Women hates this with a strong passion.

6. When a man ask their friends and family members out while dating them.

How on earth does most men do this? Like there's no iota of shame at all. Well, women hates it when their men go behind their backs and ask their sisters or friends out. 

Even when they are still in the relationship with them. Most women can kill their man for this. Like what the heck would he do that? And what point is he trying to prove exactly?

7. Women hates a man who is a sissy

Whats the essence of being a man when you cannot stand up and face your fellow man? Or stand up and fight for your woman? Or stand up and slaughter a chicken? Or stand up and kill a snake or even a cockroach? 

But all you tend to do as a man is cower and hide your face or worst of it all, run away from such challenges. Traits like this in men, a woman hates it so so much with passion.

Like what the heck? Why leave your woman standing up high and dry to fight for herself while you're there?

8. A woman hates a man who is a Sex freak.

It's good to find your woman appealing as a man, and want to have some level of intimacy. But when it becomes too often then normal, to the point of it being the man cannot control himself or goes for everything in skirt. Women hates it so very much with passion when their man does this. 

9.A flirting Attitude 

This is also one of the things women hate with Passion. They are like, am I not appealing and very hot looking to you? What the heck are you doing flirting with every young lady that comes your way? 

This is one of the ways men loose their respects sooner than expected in the eyes of their women. A woman would prefer, if at all you're an ocean that never gets satisfied, you should actually flirt outside far from where she can see or even hear about your flirteous acts. 

When you flirt around where she is and she can see you, she start hating you so very much.

10. A woman hates a man who is clueless.

Women love a man who would bring out the best in them. Who would suggest the best things they should do, and all.

But once their men are clueless, on suggestions to bring to the table, they are not in charge and all. Most women feel such men should not be Respected and they don't hold them in much regards. Hence hates such with passion.

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