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5 Questions a Woman May Ask If She Is In Love With You.

lot of single men have been asking themselves the characteristics of a woman that is in love with them, it is good for a man to be sensitive when a woman is approaching him, as she will start showing some signs by asking questions or giving body language, but it is left for a man that is sensitive to understand this signs.

Some questions are inevitable for a woman to ask if she is in love with you, it is normal when a woman ask some confidential questions from you, as this will show that she is already in love with you and waiting for you to take some steps by answering this questions for her to confide and feel comfortable in you when showing her emotions and feelings.

1. Do you have a girlfriend? This question is unavoidable from a woman that is in love with you as she will like to know maybe if there is someone in your life and also know her fate in getting her feelings known to you, if you have a girlfriend she may not feel safe to disclose her feelings to you but if you have no girlfriend she will ultimately feel safe and comfortable with you.

2. A woman that is in love with you will not hesitate to ask the type of work you do, as some woman have their work preference about man, if she found out that the type of work you do is what she like she will found you more attractive and amazing to be her partner or lover.

3. A woman that is in love with you will like to know your parents, where they live, their occupations and also want to know their status in the community, if she found out that you are from a community or society she really like and want to be recognized with, she will be eager to know and meet your parents.

4. She will also ask questions like what do you like most, your best food which is your favourite and delicacy, the type of colour you like most, the type of dress and style you like, as she will want to know if both of you have anything in common in that aspect, and also know how palatable and fashionable you are in terms of food and clothes.

5. A woman that is in love with you will also want to know if you can cook, as she will not hesitate to ask the types of food you can cook, she will be concerned of her future marital home if in case you later get married, and maybe she is not around, travel or sick you will be able to cook for her and the children before they go to school or when they come back from school.

Source: Adom online.

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