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8 Things a Man should Never do

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Being a man is never a day job like people use to say. This assertion entails many things which can not be exhausted at a goal, in case of analysis. You can never become a full man over a short period of time. As a matter of fact, even at 60, you are learning how to be a man. Being a man equally entails what you should do and what you shouldn't do. When you are found doing what you are not supposed to go, you are not man enough; so also when you are not doing what is expected of you, you are still not man enough. It is to this effect I bring to you 8 things you should never do as a man.

1. Never get drunk in public.

Many believes that as a man, you are supposed to drink but there should be a limit to it. Getting drunk in public ruin your reputations and downgrade you to an unimaginable level before people. No matter how wealthy, intelligent or handsome you are as a man, if you do get drunk in public and staggers like ship with a sailor, you won't be respected as a man. If you get drunk in your house, highest you will sleep off and wake up when your system is clear enough. It is a very big disgrace and insult on your personality to drink to stupore in public.

2. Never expect praises for what you are supposed to do. 

Some men would want someone to be praising them for performing their duties and obligations which is not right as a man. When you take care of your kids for instance, never expect your wife to praise you; when you pay your children's school fees, don't expect her to praise you for all those things are your duties and obligations as a man.

3. Never criticize another man's wife in front of him. 

It is totally wrong to do this as a man. Take for instance, you decided to visit your friend Paddy, on reaching there, you met him and his wife. During meal, the wife was bringing water after setting the table and all of a sudden, the water fell off her hands. 

Paddy: Honey why? What happened?

You: I think she was not concentrating. She seems too lazy. 

That was totally wrong of you as a man who has a wife or preparing to have a wife. It doesn't speak well of you as it would make the couple feel so bad. 

4. Never you sit when a pregnant woman has to stand. 

No matter how influential or how rich you are, if you come to a place where you need to wait to take turns, don't watch a pregnant woman standing while you sit. Even though the pregnant woman is not up to you by age or by anything, stand up for her so that you can stand while she sits. This makes you a man and makes you more responsible.

5. Never you cheat on your wife.

I know you might think this one is very difficult but to say the fact, it is very possible. Real men don't cheat because they obey the Bible/Quran and remain faithful. Cheating on your wife doesn't make you look responsible. You know it is wrong and that is why you are doing it secretly so stop it. 

6. Never you show fears in front of a child or a dog. 

Some men can't withstand dogs that they do run away in fears when they meet one. It is not ideal for you to be afraid of dogs. Do you know that when a dog sees you, it gets afraid but try to bark to scare you away? This is how to find out; when the barks and you runaway, it chases you but when it barks and you stand firm or try to approach it, it won't chase you but will try to retreat. As a man, this is not what you should be afraid of. What if you are taking a walk with your wife/girlfriend and you come across dog, will you too be running while she is running? Never you be afraid of dogs.

The same thing is applicable to kids. It is improper for you to be afraid of your kids or other kids. A man is a man and Children are Children.

7. Never you correct someone's grammar in public unless you are told to do so. 

It is totally wrong for a man to correct the grammar of another in public. For the fact that someone spoke wrong grammar in public, you are not supposed to correct him at that point. For instance let me use a common example. When your fellow teacher makes mistake while teaching, you are not supposed to correct him in front of the students/pupils. 

8. Above all, never you beat your wife. 

Real men don't beat their wife so try as much as possible to resist the temptation of laying your fingers on her. There are many ways to correct your wife of which beating her is not part of them. Each time the urge to beat her start coming, try to leave home and return later when your temper is cool enough.

That's it my people! Please abide and make a good man. Is there anyone you can't stop doing? Share please.

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