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15 kinds of ladies and women that will never be successful in life

Hello sweethearts. I trust you all are doing fine. Today I will be telling you about 15 kinds of ladies that will never be successful in life.

Many people tend to blame their lack of success on their parents, on life, on lack of opportunities or connection and different things. I tell you today that your success lies in your hands and success is not compulsory, it is a choice.

15 kinds of ladies that will never be successful in life are;

1.) Ladies distracted by frivolities of life.

A lot of ladies get carried away by all the fun fare, the guys, the parties, the never ending interesting gossips and all kind of things things that do not add anything meaningful to the life of an individual. When a lady gets carried away instead of working towards being successful she is postponing her success if at all she will be successful.

2.) A completely dependent lady.

A lot of ladies prefer to sit and think about the guy or sugar daddy to ask for money and put their wants and needs on. Most times at the end of the day they become indebted and have to pay for what they received in one way or the other, some become prostitutes but in the private sector. It is a big shame and a let down when a lady cannot take care of and fend for herself by herself, at some point in life. Even if you can't do it completely you should be making a lot of efforts that show that you want to be an independent woman.

A lady who refuses to work hard and plan her life but prefers to depend on people for everything will never be successful in life.

3.) Ladies that do not realize that the secret to getting is giving.

It is very important to realize that no one is an island. We should all make effort to stretch a helping hand to others because this is a key to success. God loves a cheerful giver and you know what it means when God loves you, he would want to bless you and bless the work of your hands. Give wholeheartedly, give out of love so you get from God.

4.) A lazy woman.

My nigga you can't be lazy and idle and expect success to run to you. All you want to do is sleep and hope everything would just work out without any hard work or effort? Things do not work that way. You have to work hard, try your best, keep trying till you succeed and God will crown your efforts with success.

5.) Ladies that do not realize that time waits for no one.

The realization of the value of time will go a long way in enabling a person achieve success. It shows that a lady knows what she is doing at every point in time. Wasting time chatting especially on group chats, clubbing, having non profitable conversations etc, will never help a person achieve success.

6.) Ladies that do not have goals and ambitions.

As a lady if you do not plan and set goals for yourself which you want to accomplish within a certain time, you will not be successful because that is aimlessness. When you have an aim or a goal, you have taken a step towards success. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

7.) Ladies who have plans but are not working towards them.

A lot of people have plans and goals but the zeal to work towards them is not there. A person who does not work towards goals and has nothing doing will never be successful. A big enemy to goal getting, is procrastination. Do not procrastinate and know your priorities.

8.) A woman who fails to honour her parents.

I can remember years back in secondary school, when I go late for a reason that is not really my fault and the teacher on duty is one that flogs terribly I would be afraid. Normally there is absolutely nothing you can do to escape being flogged by that teacher when you are 30 minutes late, my mum would say, 'go nobody will flog you', I would doubt and fear but of course there's no choice I must go. Surprisingly I would go and I won't be flogged. This happened a few times and at a point i would tell her; mummy say that i won't be flogged and she would say it and it would be so.

I then realized that my mum's words had power and I formed a habit of telling her to say things to me or lay hand on my head before an exam and the likes and the whole thing would be absolutely favourable.

I learnt to respect and honor my parents because it is very vital if you want to be successful in life. It is not just the only commandment with a promise, it is a tool for success on earth.

Same goes for everyone, your parent words possess power if they are the type that use words well and appropriately.

As far as they carried you when you could not walk, took care of you when you couldn't do anything for yourself, fed you, protected you, cleaned you up and took responsibility of you till you became their size should make you never in life to dishonor or disrespect them. A person who disrespects, disregards or insults his or her parents will never be successful in life.

9.) Ladies who do not choose friends.

A lady that that does not select her friends and is influenced by the wrong ones and keeps them close will never be successful or will postpone her success. Friends influence us in a way or the other so it's important to keep friends of like minds close to you. Let those you keep around you, be purpose driven friends who are striving to be successful too.

10.) Ladies that give up easily and are not strong willed.

A lady is a fighter. We are strong and don't give up. A lady is not meant to be weak, you have to have a strong will to succeed. This would help in the sense that even if you fail at some point, you won't be downcast you would keep pushing till you make it. A weak lady that always gives up will never be successful.

11.) Ladies that do not know their priorities.

In this life, scale of preference is very important. You have to do things in order of importance if you want to be successful. You cannot use the time for praying to watch film, use the time for watching film to wash plate, use the time for washing plate to read, that is disorganization. When you set your priorities straight, you would have time to work toward your success because you are organized and composed.

12.) Ladies who are players.

A lot of ladies believe in triple dating and multiple dating, in which most or all of these relationships involve fornication. Sex is a sin and is beyond what many people understand. Premarital and extramarital sex attracts God's punishment. If you are being punished by God Himself how exactly do you want to succeed. Some say they will sin and ask for forgiveness and continue. Smiles. Is God a fool?

As a lady if you want to be truly successful in life, you must do the right thing at the right time, stay away from sexual immortality and keep yourself pure, holy and acceptable to God. When you are righteous what you say is what God will do. Many people do not know that God is the source of real power.

It is just like a rich father and his children, between an obedient and humble child and a disrespectful and hypocritical child who do you think the father will love and want to spend on.

That is it, simple mathematics. Love God for all he has done for you and he will give you lasting success and eternal joy. Flee from sin of fornication and focus for now at the end of the day when you are married you will still have sex. First things first.

13.) Ladies that do not make effort to gain knowledge.

Knowledge is power. If you make good effort to gain knowledge it would go a long way in enabling you gain success. A lady who has no knowledge will never be successful. Grab a book, read, take studies seriously. Whether you are educated or not learn a handwork, learn a trade, do not depend wholly on education. Acquire a skill this would all channel you to success.

14.) Ladies that lack self esteem.

In this journey to success, confidence is very important. If you lack self esteem and eloquence you would easily be intimidated. Believe in yourself, be bold, be confident. Be ready, be prepared to take on challenges and overcome. You are beautifully and wonderfully made so carry yourself having this in mind. If you don't have self esteem and confidence you would care much about what people say or think of you especially if you make mistakes or fail. Care about only what God thinks because that is all that matters. Be elegant, bold and strong.

15.) Ladies who do not have the love and fear of God.

True success is not success only here on earth. True success is success that will last. All over the world a lot of people are making it without God.

A lady or a guy without God will never truly be successful.

If you are asked to choose between being given a 100 loaves of bread and being given a bread factory which would you pick?

I bet you would pick the bread factory, that is how it is. One without God is empty. When you succeed by having God it is just like having a bread factory to always get bread whenever and however you want that is real success.

It's not about the immediate but the forever.

When you stick to God you will enjoy your life here on earth and after earth. What can be more pleasurable than knowing that after here you will still make it to the new earth and enjoy a life in which there is no pain, no death, no worries, no hustling. The original life God intended for us.

Love God, fear God and crave to do his will and ALL other things shall be added unto you including success of course.

He is the key to attain genuine success which is success on earth and success after earth.

God bless you.

Please comment, like and share and follow me for more of this. May God bless and keep you.

Content created and supplied by: CutieCutieCutie (via Opera News )


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