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12 Tips On How To Text A Girl To Make Her Like You

Texting is one of the most effective ways to communicate with a woman. If you do it well, you will have more dates. Good texting skills will show the woman your good qualities. In this article, things you need to know about texting that will make a woman fall for you will be discussed.

1. Text her the same day or the following day of meeting her: It is not advisable to wait too long before texting a woman. If you have created rapport after getting her number, text her within twenty-four hours to keep the energy.

2. Start a conversation with her: Texting could be difficult for many guys but you have to practice how to begin a conversation with a woman. You can start up with something funny or intelligent and then follow up with it. You can ask for her opinion on a particular topic to get things started.

3. Know what to text her: Most women are not interested in topics like politics or religion, so you may want to avoid them. Keep the text interesting and fun. You can ask for her opinion on the eviction of some housemates from Big Brother Naija. You can text her "what are some qualities that make you different from every other girl?"

4. Send Good Morning and Good Night texts to her: A good morning message shows her that she was the first person you thought of that day. Don't send something common; be thoughtful and original. Also, before bed, send her a good night message to make her think about you. A good night text fosters a feeling of affection. 

5. Have a nice profile picture: Since WhatsApp is what is common for direct messages, have a nice profile picture. Place your best picture there because that's what she sees when you text every day. As you text her, she will have a good image of you in her mind.

6. Use her name: Don't start with "baby" or something romantic in the first few texts. Use her name! Using romantic names at the beginning might make you seem desperate and needy.

7. Use more proper grammar: Pidgin English should be used to spice things up; use more proper grammar. Also don't write like a secondary school student by abbreviating words. Write full words and sentences.

8. Text her the same way she texts you: If she takes time to reply, also take time before replying to her. If she texts back almost immediately, do the same. This is the easiest way to meet her expectations.

9. Text with a purpose: Why are you texting her? For a date or just to make her a pen pal? If it is for a date, your text should be to build interest and comfort. It should show that you are fun to be with and after few days, invite her for a date.

10. Send her interesting pictures of what you are doing: After communicating with her for some time, send her pictures of you having fun. You can write, "Guess what I did today!" then add the picture to it.

11. Compliment her: knowing how to compliment a woman so you won't look creepy is important. Be specific and unique with your compliment. Text something like, "I have never seen someone as friendly and lovable as you."

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