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4 Ways You Can Impress a Lady as a Man.

Of course, we all know that having enough money to squander on ladies and to buy trendy things is a sure way of impressing quite a lot of ladies, most especially in Nigeria. But do you know you can also achieve a similar end even without having enough money? Well, if you are in doubt of how possible that can be; then I will advise you to keep reading this article to get yourself acquitted with the necessary things you should know in other to get the result you seek.

Regarding this article, we shall be examining; 4 possible ways of impressing a woman even without having enough cash in your pocket. See them below.

1. Command flawless English communication and an impressive sense of humour.

Research has shown that quite a lot of ladies, most especially the educated and enlightened ones are easily drawn to guys who can express themselves flawlessly in the English language. Guys who can converse effectively and fluently are turned on for ladies of this sort.

2. Always give her your time and attention.

Giving a woman your full attention and time is one factor that broadly expresses love and commitment, and most ladies are easily drawn by it. Studies have shown that not every lady is moved or captivated by wealth or flashy things - but a good number of ladies; if not all – are easily responsive to an act of care and attention shown to them.

3. Show care and concern for her wellbeing.

Quite similar to the previous point, most ladies are captivated and responsive to care, most especially when it's coming from their male counterparts. Showing care and concern for a lady in her emotional bereaved state, or when she is lonely or feels unwell is a great stimulating factor that can positively stir up most lady’s attention towards a guy.

4. Be good looking and neat.

In as much as it is important to be caring and welcoming, so it is to be neat and presentable at all times. An untidy appearance and smelly body are one factor that can easily turn off a lot of ladies, in other words; being neat and possessing a nice body aura is one trait that can significantly attract the attention of most ladies, most especially the hygienic ones.

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