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Three Secrets Only the Last Born Knows About Everyone In Their Home!

The last born is the last child in a family. Your position in the family can affect your personality, behaviour and view of the world, according to the experts. Birth order which is the order in which a child comes into a family i.e first child, second child etc is considered by some researchers to be one of the most powerful influences on personality, along with gender and temperament.

The last child is always regarded as the last born of the family and is always very close to the parents. He or she is seen as the apple of the parents eyes who is not to be touched.

There are three things only a last born knows about every other members of the family in the home.

1. The last born knows that he has the utmost attention of the parent sees and has the listening ear of the parents. So other siblings hold court with him or her inorder to obtain favour from the parents. This is a fact this is greatly enjoyed by the last borns. They know that they hold the key to their parents heart and the enjo this thoroughly.

2. Even if they're troublesome, rude or downright stubborn, they are certain of their families love and enjoy certain privileges as the family favorite. They understand that the road has been placed for them so all they need to do is relish the ride and enjoy an already set table. Most lastborns are sure of a life of ease because their siblings have made the way easier for them.

Also, the last children have the benefit of growing up watching their older siblings make mistake after mistake, and come back from it. They learn from watching their elder siblings walk through life

3. The last born knows all the nice way to rub off on their siblings also known as the mumu buttons of all of their siblings coupled with all their known and unknown secrets. They know how to twist their words in their favour. They know how to make sure that certain things work in their favour and they know how to sugarcoat their words to make their siblings grant them their heartdesires.

In all, the last-born could get away with breaking the rules, because they're just adorable.

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