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3 Marriage Decisions You Should Make Without Considering What The Members Of The Society Will Say

In life, we daily make decisions that we consider right when piloting the affairs of our lives. However, those times, there are some decisions we would want to make that we won't end up making because we want to consider what the society would say, so as not to attract their criticism and rebuke. Be that as it may, even though it is okay to put into consideration the views of the society members, there is need for us to first think of the impact our decisions would have in our lives before putting the interest of the society into consideration.

In a nutshell, whatever life's decision you want to make should only come to play because you have very strong self conviction and not based on people's opinions.

Among other maritally related decisions, be intentional about the following;

1. When to marry. If you don't want to get married yet, don't get married. No one should decide the time of your marriage for you except you. No matter the pressure that may come from your friends and loved ones, try to give deaf ears to them IF you have not convincingly made up your mind for marriage.

2. When to have children in your marriage. It is okay if you wish to start having kids in your marriage almost immediately , and it is not also a sin for you to wait till you are prepared and ready before you can start birthing kids. There is nothing wrong if you feel you lack what it takes to become a responsible parent to your children, hence, waiting. It is your life, your marriage.

3. When to leave the marriage when it is no longer safe to stay.

If you don't want to continue staying in that marriage because of the primary reason of being fed up after all said and done, don't continue staying in it. You are the one inside the marriage, at such, you are in a better position to stay or leave when your life and happiness are at stake.

We have one life; just one. 

I don't know what you deserve or what you do not deserve, but I do know that, everyone (including yourself) deserves to make decisions and choices that will make them HAPPY and JOYOUS.

Don't allow anyone lure you into making the choice you will regret later in the future.

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