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5 Signs That a Girl Likes You

So now the question is, how do you know that a girl likes you but doesn't want to expose that she is into you. Well I am going to be talking about 5 signs that a girl likes you and how to approach her when you notice this.

1. She Makes Eye Contact with you and smiles

One of the signs you will notice when a girl likes you is that she will from time to time make eye contact with you and when your eye meets hers, she smiles.

This is a way most ladies express their desire to be with a guy. Sometimes it's might just be a coincidence but if she does this more than once, she is definitely into you.

2. She moves closer

Another way ladies show their feelings is through coming closer to you. They do this in order to know you more and understand some of the things you like and dislike.

Although she may not fully express her feelings when talking to you, she used this format to draw closer to you.

3. Gets angry when she sees you talking with other girls.

Every human being is jealous one way or the other and ladies tend to show this jealousy when they see you with other girls.

Even though they didn't express their feelings to you and don't expect you to know that they like you, they still feel angry when seeing you chatting with other girls.

Some ladies after this go silent on the guy involved, they may stop picking your calls and even stop chatting with you for a while.

4. Gives you her listening ears

By coming closer to you, she will also try to give you a listening ear. They will help keep some of your secrets and even stay there for you when you are going through some emotional break down.

5. She uses her body language as a weapon

Another way ladies express their feelings right from the beginning is through body language, this includes locking eye contact with you, feeling a little nervous when around you and always trying to look good when they are going to meet up with you.

So how do you approach this lady after she has showed you these signs.

1. Try Using the eye contact as well

Just as she looks at you and smile, when she does this, return back the same express. This will form some kind of connection between the two of you before you even have time to talk to one another.

2. Ask her out alone

Try asking her out alone either on any day of your choice. This should be the kick start of your movement on her.

3. Tell her about your past experiences and your goals in life.

It is important you know if the girl you are after is actually your type and the only way to know this, is by telling her about your past experiences in life and goals. This is to know what she thinks and some to her own values in life.

4. Tell her how you feel about her

When you have talked about your past experiences and it corresponds with her values and goals as well. Take the bold step to tell her how you feel about her.

Start will complimenting her a little bit before expressing your feelings for her.

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