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Before You Call Her Names Next Time, Please Read This!

We are in a generation, where people are quick to pass verdicts on people over things that they also do in the secret. Pretence, hypocrisy and lies have become the order of the day. People magnify other people's error to hide their own from being seen. Prostitutes sell their bodies inorder to have their needs met and survive since that is what they feel is right for them. I am in no way advocating for them but If you're in a relationship as a lady, and the only thing you have to offer in exchange for data, food, phone and money for hair is your body then you're in the same category with the lady in the brothel. 

Forget about all the selfies and posting of MCE or MCM to cover up, you're in the same category with them, just keep quiet and stop gossiping about other ladies you're doing the same thing with and fix yourself up. Stop painting other ladies black simply because they gave birth out of wedlock. I'm sure you know how many abortions you've had so far just to cover up your sinful deeds? Abortion doesn't stop you from being a mother, it only makes you the mother of a dead child. While you chose to kill yours, the other lady decided to keep her which now makes her more righteous than you. So why crucify her before the world for having a child out of wedlock, when behind the scene you are a murderer?

We need to understand that a prostitute, is not just one who sleeps around with everything in trousers. A prostitute, is one who can't stay committed to her words when she is in the presence of another man. As a young lady in a relationship, if you see yourself frequently visiting other guys Dm whom you're not in a relationship with, it is a an early symptom of prostitution . 

Anything that makes you deny your relationship status when you're online or in the company of other guys has actually confirmed you to be a lady who has no integrity. If you're in a relationship,be bold about it and be proud of it!

By all means let's learn never to judge people for the same thing we do behind. Remember when you point one fingers at others, the rest returns to you. Correct with love don't condemn with self righteousness.

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