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Men Can Never Change - Lady Narrates How she Lost her Boyfriend to her Cousin.

Heartbreaks occur in many forms and women sometimes be the victims of such. Where it pains mostly is if yours came as a result of a close friend, relative or sibling. You will feel always like a dagger got stabbed on your chest.

Most women go into relationships with the hope that someday, it will result into something meaningful. Meaningful I mean here is the both of them getting married to each other but sometimes, it doesn't work that way and it leaves the woman in total heartbreak especially when age may have started telling on her.

A lady by name Aisha recounts how she lost her beloved boyfriend to her cousin sister just because he brought him to his parents parents for introduction.

According to her, ''I took this guy to house to see my parents he saw my cousin sister and stopped talking to me.😫Guess what, they are getting married next month.'' 😫💔

This is really heartbreaking to her but in another way, its a blessing in disguise. It shows the kind of man he could have gotten married to if he has ventured into the marriage.

Reactions of people says also that men are scum as many ladies argue they are.

All men aren't that way. That you met a dog doesn't mean all others are that way. Its just left for you to pick up your remaining self and move on for its not the end of the world.

Mind you, there are very good men out there and the earlier you take the negative mindset about them off your mind and embrace the positive side, the better for you and your health.

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