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Pregnancy period

Ladies, Check Out The Do's & Don'ts Of The First Trimester In Pregnancy That You Never Knew About.

The first trimester in pregnancy can be a very challenging period as it comes with it's own problem and challenges. But as a woman if you understand what to do and not to do, it won't be a tough period for you. In the first trimester, many pregnant women become frustrated as to many experience vomiting, stomach ache, nausea, tiredness etc.

Below are The Do's in the first trimester in pregnancy.

1. Sports; Always engage yourself in sporting activities as they help relieve stress and make you more active. Do exercises like Yoga, swimming and walking and avoid strenuous exercise like Soccer, basketball etc.

2. Endeavor to take Folic Acid.

Folic acid is an essential vitamin that all pregnant women are to take as it helps prevent pre-eclampsia and defective babies.

3. Always drink fluids- a pregnant woman always have to keep it in mind that she's now catering for herself and her baby so she should drink enough water and also eat enough food for the nourishment and growth of the foetus.

4. Women in their first trimester are advised to get an influenza vaccine as this flu when experienced during pregnancy is more severe.

Below are some Dont's

1- Avoid Smoking; smoking is not good naturally but as a pregnant woman, if you still smoke it could affect your child making him of her develop Asthma and other related ailments after birth.

2. Avoid the intake of Alcohol- intake of alcohol especially in the first trimester makes children develop certain brain malfunction and other things like vision problem, kidney problem, low IQ etc.

3. Always eat properly cooked food and eat a balanced diet.

4. In as much as you want to eat well because you're carrying a baby, limit the intake of food as it you eat excessively, your child could become obese later in future.

5. Most especially, avoid being dehydrated.

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