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Don't Be Too Quick To Tell A Woman You Love These Five Things.

In order for a relationship to feel healthy, there has to be understanding between both couples. Long term relationship are usually based on love, trust, honesty but most importantly wisdom. Even if honesty is very important in a relationship, wisdom needs to be applied alongside honesty.

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There are certain things you should never tell your woman, as it may hurt her feelings or make her feel insecure in that relationship.

So in this article, I would be talking about some things you shouldn't be too quick to tell your partner.

1. Never tell her that your family dislike her.

One thing you should never tell your woman is that your family do not like her, even if your family might dislike her do not tell her. It is really not necessary to tell her how your family feel about her, as it would not change anything except hurt her feelings.

When you tell her that your family dislike her, then she might put too much pressure on herself by trying to please your family, thereby stopping her from being herself around your family members. So it is best not to tell her and just give it time, because eventually your family would begin to cherish and admire her.

2. Never tell her that she is getting fat.

Women are very sensitive about there body shape, their looks matters alot to them. So telling your woman that she is getting fat is very hurtful, as it would make her fell insecure about herself and it would also affect her self esteem.

So the best thing to do in a situation like this, is to tell her that you want the both of you to workout and go in a diet, so that you can both look more fit and healthy.

3. Don’t criticize her when she is trying to do her best.

When your woman is trying her best to satisfy you, do not criticize her because she is not meeting your expectations. Doing this would only make her feel insecure and unloved in that relationship.

So instead of being harsh in her, support her into becoming a better version of herself. Little gestures like this is what makes a relationship last, as no one wants to be in a long term relationship with someone that criticize or abuse them.

4. Do not compare her to your ex-girlfriend.

Do not ever compare your woman to your former girlfriend, as this alone can end your whole relationship. Even if your former girlfriend is better than her in some ways, never you compare them both.

When you do this, it shows that you are not yet over your former lover, and that you do not genuinely love your woman.

5. Don’t tell her about those bad things you did in the past.

You might have done alot of bad things with women in your past, but do not make the mistake of sharing it with your woman. When you do this, she would often times take somethings you do the wrong way as she would feel that you are exhibiting those your old bad habits.

So let your past stay in the past, do not bring it back to the present and ruin what you have going on in your life.

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