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15 kinds of ladies that will never be successful in life

Hello lovelies. In my previous article I wrote about 20 kinds of men that will never be successful in life and today I will be telling you about 15 kinds of women that will never be successful in life.

When you talk about success there are levels to that thing. Success pass success.

I will be telling you not about people idea of success but about real success that will last, as in continuous success.

Here are 10 kinds of women that will never be successful in life;

1.) A lady distracted by the frivolities of life

It is quite easy to be distracted by all the fun and all the unimportant meaningless things that won't help your future. It takes a disciplined lady to know what she wants and go for it.

2.) A dependent lady.

Many ladies sit down and think about the next guy or sugar daddy to task and put her needs on. Most times at the end of the day they have to pay for what they have gotten, they become prostitutes but in the private sector. It is a very big shame and disgrace when a lady cannot take care of and fend for herself. Even if you can't do it completely you should be making serious efforts that show that you want to Ne a dependent lady. A lady who refuses to work and plan her life but prefers to depend on people will never be successful in life.

3.) A woman who doesn't know that the secret to getting is giving.

When you form a habit of giving and helping others and doing charitable work no matter how little. God would definitely bless and surprise you. Give with a good heart and open doors of success for yourself.

4.) A lazy woman.

My nigga you can't sit down and expect to attain real success for yourself. All you want to do is sleep and hope everything would just work out without effort? Things don't work that way. You have to work hard and God will crown your efforts with success.

5.) A lady who doesn't know that every second gone is gone for good.

Time management is very important. It shows that a lady knows what she is doing at every point in time. Wasting time chatting, talking or holding phone doing non profitable things will never gain you success.

6.) A woman with no ambition or goal.

As a lady if you do not have goals which you have set for yourself, you will not be successful. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

7.) A woman who doesn't put her plans to work.

As I said in my previous article, plan without action is like white rice without stew.

You may have a good plan but when you don't work on it you are pushing success away from you and may end up being unsuccessful.

8.) A woman who does nor honour her parents.

Give honour to whom honour is due. Your parents are the god you see. As far as they took care of you when you couldn't walk or talk till you became someone in life you should never disrespect them. The blessing of honouring your parents is something you really need in life if you want to be successful.

9.) A woman that doesn't choose her friends.

Your friends have a whole lot to do with your success in life. Friends influence us in one way or the other. As a lady if you want to be focused you shouldn't keep those that live parties and guys and fun around you.

10.) A woman who is not a fighter.

I love being a woman. One quality about we ladies is that we are strong and that is one of the things you need if you really want to be successful in life. Don't give up. If you fail you stand up and keep pushing till you win. You fight till you succeed. If not you will end up being unsuccessful because you gave up.

11.) A woman who talks too much and gossips.

Gossip to me is defined as joblessness. When you waste all your time on gossip, gists and talking you will never be successful.

12.) A woman who fornicates and plays guys.

Sex is deeper than we think and that is why the Bible says it is for the married. Fornication attracts punishment to people. As a lady if you really desire success, do the right thing at the right time. There is time for sex, a time when you will have sex and God would be smiling at you. Wait, do the necessary things, when you get married you can enjoy that pleasure. Which do you prefer pleasure now and punishment later or focus now and pleasure later? Your choice to make.

13.) A woman who has no time to acquire knowledge.

Read and study and acquire knowledge to help you forge ahead in life. It must not be books for those who don't have the opportunity to go to school. Get a handwork and acquire a skill and God will crown your effort with success.

14.) A woman with no confidence.

Lack of self esteem makes a lady end up being unsuccessful. Don't be easily moved by what people say about you, care only about what God thinks. Walk around the world with beauty, elegance and confidence because you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Take up challenges and overcome them because you are strong.

15.) A woman who does not have the fear of God.

A woman that has God is stronger than you think. There is no real success without God. There is nothing as sweet as succeeding on earth and going to heaven to continue the enjoyment. If you hold God tight, obey him, serve him, love him and have a personal relationship with him. You will enjoy your life on earth and confidently wait for his second coming. Succeed here and attain the Hughes success by making heaven. Fear God, have love in your heart and life would be a thing of joy for you. Not needless hustle or stress.

If you are on this list make a U turn today and make sure you are on the track of success.

Please comment and follow me for more useful updates like this. God richly bless you.

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