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Tips For Counting Kicks During Pregnancy - [PHOTOS]

In order to help you with counting your little one’s kicks properly throughout your pregnancy, there are a few tips you can make use of to assist you with it.

1. Make sure you allot time every day to count the kicks of your baby. Try to keep the time identical throughout, so that your baby falls into that schedule as well. For some women, it can be after they have had lunch or for others, it could be after their evening coffee.

2. At times, the movements and the kicks might feel a bit too slow. In such scenarios, your baby can be coaxed to get a little more active by lying down on the left side. This increases the blood flow and pushes the baby to kick around. Some mothers have noticed that drinking a glass of sweet juice can get a baby excited.

3. The frequency of sharp kicks tends to reduce as the child grows up since the constricted uterus does not leave him enough space to move his legs. Most babies tend to roll within the womb at this stage.

4. You can even make use of the following chart to note down the kicks properly. Write the time when you begin counting and make a mark in the row to note the time that has passed since the kick. Do this for each week.

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