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3 Reasons A Man Should Not Keep Secret From His Wife / Girlfriend

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Marriage or relationship is a step in a person's life and a journey into the future. A lady in a relationship will take her time to study the man, knowing his good and bad sides. After analysing him, she will then make a decision to either stick to the man or leave. 

A woman who is married has lesser option. However, whatever action her husband takes has a direct or indirect way of affecting their marriage.

Today, I'll be talking about 3 reasons a man should not keep secrets from his wife. 

It makes the woman's love to depreciate 

When a woman find out her husband has started keeping secrets from her, she begins to doubt if what he said he feels for her is true love or not. This doubt can make her love towards the man to reduce drastically. 

It makes the trust level in relationships / marriages to depreciate. 

It makes a woman to be unable to defend her husband's action and inactions in public. 

I hope that men will learn from this and share important part of their lives with their spouses. 

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