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Divorce Affair

5 things a woman would do only if she truly loves you

When a woman falls in love, she falls in love for the right reasons. 

Signs of a woman's true love 

But how can you know whether she actually loves you or is simply using you to get over her ex? 

A woman who truly loves you, on the other hand, will never do the following: 

1. Become self-conscious

If she loves you from the bottom of her heart, she won't mind if you hang out with your pals. She'll let you live your own life and respect the fact that you have one other than being with her all of the time. A woman who loves you will never be insecure unless you give her reasons to doubt your actions. 

2. Show you disdain

You won't have to remind a woman to be submissive if she truly loves you. Submissiveness will come easy because she loves you. If you have to constantly demand respect from your lady, you should reconsider. She would never disrespect you until you do not respect her as well. 

3. Take advantage of you 


A lady who truly loves you cannot even have the courage to cheat on you, whether she is intoxicated or not. Every time she considers cheating on you, she will be too troubled by guilt to actually do it. So never believe that she loves you and has only cheated on you once because she was inebriated. Before becoming intoxicated, she should have remembered how much she loves you.

4. Make use of you 


Women nowadays are incredibly clever, and they may easily take advantage of you, dump you, and forget you ever existed. If she only contacts you when she requires assistance, you should quit loving her since she does not love you. A lady who loves you maintains in touch with you all of the time, not only when she needs company to go out drinking. 

5. Abuse your financial resources 


A woman who spends your money recklessly as if there is no tomorrow is a no-no. Misusing your money demonstrates that she is unconcerned about your future, most likely because she has no intention of sharing her life with you. She will push you to save instead if she loves you.

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