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Reasons why women should be believed

In Africa there is an abominable belief which revolves in most minds which has affected the growth of so many African women both the youths and aged.

There is this quote that says “what a man can a do a woman can do better” in western part of the world this is 100% true but in Africa is an opposite of it, so many norms &cultures in Africa has made this quote void.

This belief started far back in ancient days that a woman is only born to get married not withstanding her dreams and aspirations. So many women (young and Aged) has also made to adapt to the belief and mindset which is wrong, there is a special gift given to women by God Almighty, they are created to become great and they should be regarded important in the family and the whole countries of Africa, a male plays an important role same as a woman.

An Igbo dialect says “Nwanyi bu ife” this means A woman is valuable, and I have come personally come to agree to this

They are so many women in Africa who has proven to be of great worth and a model for other women to emulate, and to have those believe in women such as ; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigeria, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Nigeria): C, Bonang Matheba (South Africa), Graça Machel (South Africa and Mozambique), Aya Chebbi, Tunisia etc.

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