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Money and Love: See what Everyone has done for the Love of Money.

The love of money drives everyone to do the unthinkable or deprive himself of comfort. Here are the things we have all done for the love of money

At first you would want to tell yourself that you don’t love money and you are satisfied with the little you have. The question is, How satisfied are you and to what extent?

Now ask your self if this is true. Are there more evil things that I have done than having utmost love for money? Now your answer would be the love for money will never make me do evil or deprive myself from comfort.

Now lets take this scenario from a real Life experience?

Age 7-15

This is an age where language learning and mental thinking is being developed. Every little opportunity being given to you at this age you learn to utilize them by asking questions and practicing them. Majority of us at this age had a lot of savings where we deprive our self a lot of comfort. The competition between your peer groups at the end of school session on who has saved more money.

During the later state of this age, you want to explore your biology topics, your linguistics skill, your attractive prowess to opposite sex. Here in doing all these things you need money. Definitely the one you saved will be exhausted and you would seek for more.

Now the eagerness to manipulate your parents will lead you to doing evil things in other to get this money all in the name of satisfying your fantasy has began to make you love money. Now the question is at this age what did you do? Now I will answer this; You saved at the early stage and deprived yourself good food and at the later stage you spent a lot and gave your self comfort without relevance to what means you used to get the money.

Age 16-30

Teenagers who wants to break loose from their parents to explore more, the undergraduates who are pursing their career in one discipline or the other, the graduates who are in search for a Job. The opera news writers and readers who keeps them self busy writing and reading contents. How will I break loose from my parents, What kind of person do I want to become in the university, Which kind of Job will I accept? What type of article will I write and What type of article do I want to read? All these require money.

The teenagers tends to belong to peers who begins to go for social gatherings with or without their parents permission. The undergraduates decides if they want to be academicians (ACADA) or social perverts or a mixture of both. Graduates decides to go for higher paying jobs other than lower ones that doesn’t meet their level of certificate. Opera readers decides to duplicate other peoples work and give fake news in other to get more clicks while the readers always want to subscribe in other to criticize one article (FAKE NEWS, ALL LIES e.t.c) by subscribing their phones monthly.

All these things require money. The love of money sets in, the pursuit for more teenage exposure, the zeal and haste to achieve good or bad things sets in, the greed for higher paying jobs thereby making you to bribe your way through, the eagerness to post (I just received #50,000 from opera). Now you must have done one evil or the other to get this money. If No what did you deprive yourself of to get the money.

At the later stage of this life you want to strike a balance. There are so many things you want to leave behind. You want to follow the legal way. The question is why? Why are you not satisfied with the little you have. Must you deprive yourself your comfort. The love for money can be very tempting.

Age 30 and above.

The married, the spinsters who would be desperate at this point and the single bachelors who aren’t ready for marriage fall to this category. How will I take care of my children and generations unborn? what will I do to get my right man? which lady will I woo to pass the night with? All these require money.

The parents tend to involve themselves in businesses either legal or illegal, their aim is that their children and unborn generation will never suffer again. The spinsters wardrobe becomes so rich and begin to attend all marriage ceremony no matter the distance. The Bachelors wardrobe changes and tends to get a form of mobility(car) to make it easier for him.

All these things require money, The love of money sets in, the pursuit for more money, the zeal and haste to achieve theses things sets in. Now you must have done one evil or the other to get this money. If No what did you deprive yourself of to get the money.


We get into trouble and problems fast when we prioritize our love for money rather than focusing on the extent of satisfaction the money you want to make will give to you.

Ask your self this question. If I make this money through this way, will I be happy and satisfied while spending the money?

It should be known that when we prioritize the love for acquiring more money despite the means other than satisfaction, peace and happiness it gives to you after acquiring the money we tend to fail or cause more troubles and harm for our self.

Please "All pictures are used for illustrative purposes"

Hope you learnt something. If Yes/No

Please lets hear your opinion in the comments, Like, Share and Follow me for more interesting updates.


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