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8 ways to be your best self in a new relationship

Relationship anxiety is real, but these tips will help you become your best self in the relationship. Read on.

1. Keep an eye out for the red flags

Sometimes, new relationships can overwhelm one making them loose their senses and overlook the red flags in the relationship. For instance, if your partner gets too possessive about you and starts controlling you, you might think they are doing that out of love. But it can only make things complicated and toxic.

2. Respect yourself

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Only make decisions that support your self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth.” Respecting yourself is important. If you do not respect yourself, how do you expect other people to respect you? Moreover, you must observe how your partner treats other people. If they are disrespectful towards them, the chances are, they will eventually be disrespectful towards you.

3. Be honest about what you want

Sometimes you might feel that conveying your emotional needs might annoy them. But, when you do share your wants and needs, they know what they signed up for when they decided to be in a relationship with you. So don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you need from them.

4. Do enjoy yourself

The start of a new relationship can be quite exciting. So, enjoy the good feeling till it lasts and feed your curiosity. That way, you and your significant other can enjoy each moment in the best manner possible.

5. Be humble

Being with your partner, you might feel the need to constantly brag about yourself so that they hold you in high regard, but in all honesty, you do not have to do that. Your partner chose to be with you because they like you. Humility is a virtue, and when you are humble, your partner will appreciate that about you. 

6. Try to reciprocate the gestures of your partner

If your partner is the one who is constantly calling you or texting you, or planning dates, then you too have to put in some effort. If they are the ones who take the initiative all the time, after some time, they will feel like they are being taken for granted. If you mirror their sweet gestures and actions, they will appreciate it and know the feeling is mutual.

7. Consider your past relationships as a life lesson

If you have had past relationships that did not work out for whatever reasons, take those as a lesson and move on. Learn from mistakes and be a better version of yourself so that your new relationship starts with a strong base.

8. Remember to communicate 

Miscommunication is the culprit that ruins most relationships. One of the tips while starting a new relationship is to make sure you communicate properly with your partner. If you are annoyed or upset about something, be open about it without criticizing your partner. Your partner will understand you and where you are coming from when you convey your feelings to them.

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