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10 Random Jokes That Will Make You Laugh.

Happiness is free, make yourself happy anytime anyway. This life is too short so try and make yourself happy. Below are 20 jokes that will fill your day with laughter. Enjoy your reading but don't forget to comment of you find it interesting.

1. When you smoke and your girlfriend too smoke, the relationship is called operation fire for fire.

2. You are forming a big boy, but when they ask you to go and cover the pot of soup, four slices of meat will miss.

3. The other day two blind people we're fighting in my street, and I shouted yea guys throw the damn punch. But am supporting the one with knife o. They both ran away.

4. Nah some people are born wicked. How can I ask you for a hotspot and you said that you have deleted it.

5. Ladies learn to trust your husband even though the reason they give is not always convincing. Imagine Jonah coming back after 3days and telling his wife that he was swallowed by fish.

6. Someone asked if the pastor's wife also scream during sex? I replied, "where do you think RIDE ON PASTOR came from?". Now they say am not a child of God.

7. FirstBank Set send me Happy Children's Day. I no blame them, u blame my account balance.

8. Even Satan met Eve naked, he didn't rape. SAY NO TO RAPE.

9. A first-class graduate of marine engineering that cannot identify a girl with marine spirit, is that one a marine engineer?.

10. I have never seen an ALCOHOL company use a DRUNKARD for the advert. Are they ashamed of their customers?.

Which one of them makes you laugh the most please drop your comments in the comment box

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